Remembering my mother, the political junkie

Gladys Vaz Morais. Returned to God’s nearer presence November 8, 2015. 

As I think of my beloved mother on the eve of her passing into eternal life, I revisit notes I shared with my children from my last visit with her:

Here is my mother, the Magpie:

I noticed her on one occasion eyeing my glittery, costume jewellery chain very intently.

When I asked whether she liked it, she said: “Yes. Give it to her.” I asked, “To whom?” She pointed to my sister, Elaine, whom I call Su, a contraction of her Indian name, Susheila.

Me: “You want me to give my new pretty chain to Su?”

Mum: “Yes.”

Me: “Why?”

Mum: “Because she is the apple of my eye!”

Me: “Does that make me the orange of your eye?”

She was not amused. But minutes later she reversed her instructions. “OK. No need to give up your chain!”

And then there was Mum, Political Junkie to the end.

She did not like it when my sister and I talked for too long or too intensely about any subject.

One time she said weakly, but clearly: ” I am just a bundle here. What are you discussing?”

Elaine:  “Politics. You want to discuss politics?”

Mum: “Yes!”

I am absolutely sure she is watching the politics of today from her perch in heaven, and would have a few things to say to the candidates–and to the laggard millennials or anyone who does not exercise their vote and put an end to the madness we are mired in. So, go vote!

And keep an eye on us, Mum.

Peace, gentle heart. We miss you and keep you forever in our hearts.

At a recent family gathering, her grandchildren, Zubin and Sheela Jane, sing the Malayalam devotional hymn, Devamay Kaithoram,  she taught them when they were little and spent many happy hours with her.

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4 comments on “Remembering my mother, the political junkie
  1. Elaine Morais says:

    How well I remember these and other conversations with Mum.We were all the apples of her eye & she never spared any effort to make us happy & to enhance the quality of our life.I will never forget her zest for life and, in particular, her interest in poilitics, films, sports, food, culture and languages.My proficiency in Tamil and Malayalam improved a lot through conversations with her & as we watched films & dramas together on Astro.How patiently & clearly she explained the meanings of difficult & unusual words and expressions.We can take comfort from our faith that she continues to oversee all that we do and remains a powerful intercessor for all of us and for the rest of humanity too.Many thanks, dearest Dawn, for a most loving remembrance on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of her passing.

  2. Ben Morais says:

    I enjoyed your remembrance of mum Dawn and especially loved the hymn / song sung by Zubin and Sheila Jane. As for me, I did not have the kind of unique conversations both you and Sushie enjoyed with her. However, what I did gain from mum was her sound values in life. Today I treasure those sound values and her distilled wisdom.

  3. Tom Spring says:


    Congrats once again on your great Mom! Thanks for your message. Your Mom did a great job raising you!!

    Aloha, Bro. Tom S.

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