Gladys Vaz Morais: In God’s Nearer Presence

As we mark this day, two years ago, on Nov 8, 2015, that you sailed on into eternal life, here once again is the hymn you taught Zubin and Sheela Jane. Your wisdom and your love remain with us always.

Dheivamae Kaithoram

O God, as I put my hands together in praise, listen to my prayer.

Pitiful and poor as I am, I implore your protection.

Instill deep within me a fear of God,

And grant that I may see you always.

Guide me on the straight path,

Turning my sorrows into ashes.

Gladys Vaz Morais with her husband of 50 years, John Victor Morais (Dec 18, 1910-March 6, 1991.

Keep those who are cruel and evil away from me,

Let my friends be good and kind.

Instill in me the desire to do good deeds,

The ability to give good advice.

And grant me the discernment I need to do my duty,

The strength I need to disclose the truth.                                                                      

Peace, gentle heart.


We miss you dearly. But we remain ever grateful for all that you bequeathed to us of yourself.

Herbert, Benedict, Elaine (Sushie), Dawn, Justin

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3 comments on “Gladys Vaz Morais: In God’s Nearer Presence
  1. Ben Morais says:

    The hymn sung by Sheela Jane and the words are a wonderful tribute to our dear mother. These are precious memories to treasure. Great photos too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us, Dawn!

  3. Elaine Morais says:

    Wonderful way to remember Mum. Great singing by Sheela Jane , and I just love the picture of Zubin and his grandmother.

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