Paid Family Leave Rally/Hearing 3/20 Hawai’i State Capitol 9 a.m.

Come, bring family, friends, students. Join in the rally on Tuesday March 20 at 9 a.m.   Various members of the community will offer their perspectives on what paid family leave means for Hawaii’s working families.

Stay and testify at the hearing for SB 2990.

Speakers will share the research that tells us the need is great but a solution is possible and affordable. Just $58 per year per worker through a state-run insurance plan.

Some will tell their stories about the challenge of juggling jobs, looking after newborns and kupuna, and trying to maintain financial health while doing so.


Deborah Zysman, Executive Director, Hawaii Children’s Action Network

Lisa Kimura, Executive Director, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

Kathleen Algire, Directly of Public Policy, YWCA Oahu

Khara Jabola-Carolus, Executive Director, Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women

Mitzie Higa, Leeward State Director, Hawaii State Teachers’ Association

Nationally, a state-run insurance plan to provide paid family leave has been embraced by both conservatives and progressives.

This is from the American Enterprise Institute:

This is from the Chamber Review

Here’s a letter from business school professors in support of the national paid family leave bill

And a comment from a Wharton professor, in the Harvard Business Review, about the above letter:

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4 comments on “Paid Family Leave Rally/Hearing 3/20 Hawai’i State Capitol 9 a.m.
  1. Tom Spring says:


    This is really encouraging post!! I hope the insurance idea helps it all to come together for the good of the working folks!!

    I go home that day!!

    Aloha, Bro. Tom S.

  2. So, go home AFTER the rally, Bro. Tom!!! You can’t be on island and not come!!! What would Jesus say?????

  3. Patricia Gozemba says:

    Forgive my sloppiness. Do you have any prepared testimony that you’d like me to deliver?


    Patricia A Gozemba Co-Chair SAFE 978.744.9141 Sent from my iPhone


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