Gladys Vaz Morais: Peace, Gentle Heart


“I don’t know what lies ahead of me,” she said, once.

“But Mum, you’re a person of great faith. Nothing bad

Awaits you. God will ask “How did you use your gifts of head

And heart? Your many talents? What will you say then?”

Eyes flashing, she said: “Hello??? Look at what I’ve produced.”

Weakly, her hand swept the circle of her children

Gathered around her as she lay, eyes now closed.

Our mother anticipated a perfect reunion with loved ones, though she observed wryly that her husband of 50 years might try to control her, even in heaven. She knew without a doubt that he truly valued her as much as she did him, the handsome newspaperman who had returned to Kerala from what was then British Malaya, in search of a bride, and married her straight out of school. She loved the world of reporting and politics and community organizing he moved in, and he drew strength from her faith, her clarity of thinking, her wisdom and energy, and her fierce loyalty. And her formidable culinary skills.

“Give her two pots and a pan, and she’ll have a feast on the table in no time at all,” he liked to say.

From everything we know and cherish about our always quick-witted mother, we have no doubt she is holding her own, whether in conversation with her Maker, or with our father.

And maybe even cooking up a feast fit for the angels. Peace, gentle heart.

Mum--Inner Wheel

Seated extreme right: a member of the Inner Wheel Club, Ipoh, Perak.

Mum--Seeing Dad off to US

Seeing her husband, John Victor Morais, off to the United States as part of a delegation of Southeast Asian journalists.

Mum--Visit toThailand 3

Second from right: on a group visit for people engaged in community work, sponsored by the Social Welfare Department of Malaysia to Thailand.

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One comment on “Gladys Vaz Morais: Peace, Gentle Heart
  1. Patricia A. Gozemba says:

    Very touching tribute, Dawn.

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