2 comments on “GOP and GOD: More than a one letter difference
  1. Kaysie McAlister says:

    The USA is rated number 22 as the country most acceptable for women to live in for equal rights. I think that speaks volumes to the foolishness of this country’s “moral dilemma” with women. Women who believe that they need to be subjugated to men are already subjugated and don’t know what else to do about that cognitive dissonance in their lives because being treated like a child has many advantages besides the obvious disadvantages. I relate this to the issues of how gays as second class citizens will have to face up to the responsibilities of treating themselves: their bodies and souls, as valuable and not a commoditiy to fall back on as they age and subjugate themselves to the lonely lives of people who are used rather than being users. If we can reacognize why it is easier to stay under the thumb of power and control, we can better argue against it.

    Having worked with abused and beaten women for years in social work, I can attest to the fact that the more you try to convince a woman that she is being treated poorly, the more tightly she grasps onto a defensive posture…yet we seem to have forgotten that pearl of wisdom when we fight for other people’s rights in a rabid manner. This is a progressive illness….to believe that you are “not good enough” in power and control cultures….and it takes a great deal of patient work…like a marshmallow bulldozer, to point out the advantages of not believing this anymore. The areas of internalized phobias that crush our spirits have got to be rooted out primarily by understanding the radical nature of God’s love for us through Jesus Christ who was a justice seeker, a justice maker, and not a person in the image of a controlling, powerful man. This business of manhood as understood by those who wish to interpret the Bible as a “he” only Bible has held us in bondage so well that most of us have fallen into the seductive nature of man is better than woman where the cheese binds.

    If any of us study the prevention of cruelty to children, it was the prevention of cruelty to ANIMALS that preceded the notion that children should not be beaten or treated as property worse than animals. Those child protection laws came AFTER we wrote laws to protect animals and were based on those early prevention documents.

    I am convinced that religion in this century has got to get this male/female “stuff” addressed or we will remain as backward and stupid as the 22nd country that we are. It is shameful to me to find out that we are 22nd in the world for our rights. So I am left to believe that at some level in this country under our rhetoric that we are NOT made equal in the eyes of God.

  2. Kaysie: Thank you for being such a faithful reader and adding your thoughts. You are right–women need to trust and value themselves enough not to give away what is theirs.

    Sheela Jane: As you can see, I put your gift of Sr. Sandra Schneiders’ book to use right away. Thank you! xoxo Mum

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