One comment on “2nd Presidential Debate: How Will Viewers Do?
  1. Kaysie McAlister says:

    This is one of those elections where the business of church and the business of poltics have indeed clashed to the point of emeshment. I see why folks originally talked about the division of church and state. We need to pray for what will keep us alive on this earth in a positive form of ethical energy and spiritual calm for the next few centuries and it surely won’t be a based on the election system we currently have. I love what an older man told me the other day: “our daily world issues spin so fast now and we cannot afford to have our politicians putting that on hold to run for office for a full year and collect so much money that could be used elsewhere for a greater good. We need to limit what we spend and only offer about 3 or 4 months for political campaigning so we don’t miss a beat.”

    I like that thinking. Human nature is what it is and people who don’t agree to things have found loopholes forever and will continue to find them. If they had not found them, we woud not be facing some of the same issues we thought were resolving like integration, racism, poverty,civil liberties, rich getting richer, etc. The American ingenuity and American individualism continue to astonish me when we all work together for causes that are humane and compassionate. So Universal Truths are a standard that all peoples around the world can strive for where the beauty of music, art, agricultural and technological creativity expressed in ways to solve problems like finding water, food, and education and eliminating diseases become our goals and not the daily frittering over focusing on the specks in each other’s eyes.

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