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Get your fatwa off our backs! by amina wadud

It’s not so easy any more to control the parameters of Islam and the way it is practiced by those who wish to stuff their opinion down the throats of other Muslim citizens, be they minorities or majorities across the…

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Building the Beloved Community: Hawaii, Malaysia and Beyond

The world that Puanani Burgess gets her audiences to visualize as she talks to them about “Building the Beloved Community” is peopled with her children and grandchildren, her husband and other family members and neighbors from her beloved rural Wai`anae.

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Malaysia Elections May 5: Churches Respond to Anti-Christian Campaign

Reproduced here is a commentary by Bob Teoh that appeared in the and May 2. Links have been inserted to provide background. Stung by the incendiary anti-Christian campaign in the run-up to Polling Day, Bumiputera churches in Sabah

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How We Get To Heaven

God knows—and we know—that there are plenty of things that we should be worrying about if we really want to make this world a better place. Hunger. Ignorance and the denial of science. Corruption. Discrimination and oppression in all its

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MyJihad: Can Malaysia do as much?

Malaysia needs someone like Imam Mazhar Shaheen to model civilized speech and behavior of this kind in place of the trash talk, bluster, bullying and mindless squabbles about who has a lock on using “Allah” and who is a real

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Contemplating the gargoyles on the Cathedral of Lujan as they were being explained to her, five year old Sophie listened, then very politely said: “Please don’t talk. I’m thinking now.” Understanding why these sentinels were needed to terrorize people into

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Malaysia and Readers of the Book

Largely Muslim Malaysia has been ill-served by the spectacle of bureaucrats in the Publications Control and Quranic Text Division of the Home Ministry defying the Prime Minister by withholding, then defacing, Bibles published in the Malay language (Bahasa Malaysia). March

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