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Invoking the saints on the eve of the 2020 election

On this All Saints Day I enlist my mother, Gladys Vaz Morais and my father, John Victor Morais to move heaven and earth to help us to put things right in our ailing world. My mother left this world on

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John Victor Morais:Teenage immigrant. “Self-made” man. Beloved father.

Neither of my parents were college graduates. But they were so wise, so open to the world and so adept at pointing all of their children in the direction of higher education that the fact that they had not had

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When the Saints Go Marching In: Look out for Gladys Vaz Morais

I just know that when the saints go marching in, my mother, Gladys Vaz Morais will be among them. She knew how to go places, and Heaven was always on her list of places to get to. In the waning

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