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Remembering my father, “Honorary Submariner”

On this the 3oth anniversary of my father’s passing, I dipped into his memoirs again and found this little account of his visit to Honolulu in 1958 with a group of SouthEast Asian journalists. Knowing what a pacifist he was,

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Guest Post: Sheela Jane Menon:The Promise of a New Season

I don’t know if Saraswati Puja always falls this close to Ash Wednesday. I don’t recall celebrating this festival with the Menon side of my family, though I certainly remember marking other Hindu holidays with them. I’m not sure that

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Where does Hawaii GOP stand on Trump?

This blogpost was first published as an OpEd in the Honolulu Star Advertiser Wednesday Feb 10, 2021. Tweets from the Hawaii Republican Party’s official Twitter account defending the patriotism of the Proud Boys and extolling the “high quality” analysis of

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Automatic Voter Registration: After 12 years of trying, Senator Rhoads says the time is now

In a recent Facebook Live Town Hall with Oahu Democrats, Senator Karl Rhoads spoke with optimism about the prospect of making Automatic Voter Registration a reality in Hawaii. “I’ve been pushing this for 12 years,” he said. More than once

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Guest Post:Pain grows as CARES Act funds sit idle

The recent news that our city and state agencies are unable to get federal money out the door to help people with things like electrical bills and rent is simply maddening. By some accounts, nearly $900 million is still waiting

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Invoking the saints on the eve of the 2020 election

On this All Saints Day I enlist my mother, Gladys Vaz Morais and my father, John Victor Morais to move heaven and earth to help us to put things right in our ailing world. My mother left this world on

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Guest Post: Armen Martirosian: Where are NATO and the EU as war crimes against Armenians unfold?

Another anguished voice from the Armenian diaspora calling on the world to stand with Armenia against the aggression of its neighbors, and their efforts to take by force what they cannot take by law. Read, pay attention, donate. One consequence

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Guest Post: Ani Martirosian Menon: I implore the world to pay attention as Armenia fights to survive–again

Most Americans aren’t thinking about a country far away from the noise and madness that is Trump’s COVID19 -gripped America right now. That is understandable. But Americans of Armenian descent, like my daughter-in-law, Ani Martirosian Menon, are indeed consumed just

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Are you a Pope Francis Voter?

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg less than 50 days before the Presidential election makes the Catholic vote more critical than ever. In a 2006 interview, Justice Ginsburg spoke of skipping the annual Red Mass because she did not

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Vote! With freedom comes responsibility

This commentary was first published in the Honolulu Star Advertiser on Aug 12, 2020. It is republished here with permission. In this most crucial of election years, it is more important than ever that we each do our part to

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