It’s been seven years–but we still feel your presence

Gladys Morais May 8, 1923 – Nov 8, 2015

Your little granddaughter, Sheela Jane, now all grown up, will cast her vote for the first time today in this most consequential of elections in the US.

We will always feel your presence. You left behind enough love and wisdom to last all our lifetimes. And we keep drawing on that well. You are in our conversation daily–when we are in kitchen baking and cooking, or in the living room making small talk and having arguments about the silliest of things.

I don’t think it’s an accident that Election Day in the United States this year falls on the anniversary of your leaving us for realms beyond our ken. Political junkie that you always were, I hope you will urge the angels amongst whom you sit to drive more people to the polls today. We need every registered Democrat to vote today to

-to protect our freedoms

-save this democracy

-to ensure women –not “local political leaders” decide how to manage their reproductive choices

-to fund schools and hospitals and all the services that the most vulnerable depend on to live.

Today’s Republicans, tragically, aren’t interested in truly governing. People with zero expertise in what it takes to hold public office but with outsize egos and access to millions in dark money; people who refuse to respect the norms of democracy — these are the kind of people the Republicans have fielded as their candidates. It’s all about seizing power–and lying and cheating to make that happen. They are utterly incapable of answering the questions Joy Harjo raises “For Those Who Would Govern.”

You would never stand for that kind of behavior.

Your precious granddaughter is voting for the first time today as an American citizen.

For her sake, and in the name of all the little children slaughtered because of Republican opposition to sensible gun control measures, for all those who are struggling to make ends meet, please move Heaven to ensure a Democratic win. We’ll do our part here on Earth.

You can do it. I know it. I believe it. Thank you, Mum! We love you!

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One comment on “It’s been seven years–but we still feel your presence

    Beautiful tribute dearest Dawn. Yea we all miss Mum so much, she was our treasure and inspiration.

         Love, Achen 

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