HI PRIMARY 2022: It’s here!

Have you voted? There’s still time to drop off your ballot.

Know someone who wants to vote but isn’t registered?

No problem: Hawai’i has same-day registration.

Fed-up with the status quo? Voting in new people who have demonstrated a commitment to shake things up is one way to overcome our anger and frustration at the many challenges we face and the abysmal way many of those who have been in power for too long have responded, despite entreaties from the community.

Appalled at poisoned water, lack of affordable housing, militarization, brazen corruption, under-funded public education, people living on the streets, the hold money has on those who are supposed to serve the public interest? Then vote.

And make sure at least three people in your network whom you haven’t spoken with in a while are awake and on their way to vote.

Don’t know whom to vote for? This will help.


Former State Senate Majority leader and founder of the Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action (HAPA), Gary Hooser, has written extensively and passionately about the urgent need for all of us to do our civic duty.

I’ve voted for Kai Kahele for Governor because with so many public officials involved in corruption of one kind or another, and with so much outside money flowing in to shape Hawai’i politics, I am counting on his promise that “Hawai’i Is Not For Sale.”

As someone who lives in Congressional District 1, I have had it with Blue Dogs.

I have voted for Sergio Alcubilla and have been encouraged by how accessible he has been to the voters he wants to serve. He will not be a remote bureaucrat who thinks he knows best despite what his constituents tell him. He listens and he responds.

I cannot vote for Kim Coco Iwamoto or Kathy Feldman or Natalia Hussey-Burdick or Walter Ritte but I sure hope voters in their districts know gold when they see it and send these fine candidates to the legislature. They are sorely needed.

The candidates have worked their guts out for months. The least we can do is vote.

We owe it to each other and to this place we call home.

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