Sergio Alcubilla: A REAL Democrat to represent Hawaii’s CD1–Look at who is endorsing him!

We are all busy–sometimes busier than we should be. And we don’t always have the time to research candidates running for office as well as we should. But in the case of Sergio Alcubilla who is challenging the incumbent Blue Dog, we can let ourselves be guided by others who have done their homework. Several organizations representing workers from many different sectors of our economy have taken the time to understand why this young attorney who has always fought for the under-represented, is now investing enormous time and energy to run for the House of Representatives seat for Hawaii’s Congressional District 1. And they have endorsed his candidacy with enthusiasm. They include:

Hawaii State Teachers Association

“Sergio Alcubilla has been deeply involved in Hawaii communities as an attorney and nonprofit leader supporting the working class and public schools,” said HSTA President Osa Tui, Jr. “He strongly believes that our public schools need our support as they are teaching our future. He supports labor rights and unions, and as an attorney, he advocates for community members who are struggling to ensure everyone has a voice.”

International Longshore & Warehouse Union International (ILWU) Local 142

“We look forward to working with you to improve the benefits and protections for Hawaii’ workers and their families, to grow our economy, to improve our communities and to defend the rights of the people of our State.”

Hawaii Ports Maritime Council

“We know you have a strong commitment to help working families and look forward to working with you to help make Hawaii a better place. As you may know, the Hawaii Ports Maritime Council represents thousands of hard-working men and women throughout the maritime industry in Hawaii. Our members help keep the state running and operational and have been serving the state throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. They are essential and frontline workers.”

And the list of endorsements keeps growing.

ILWU, Local 100

Unite Here, Local 5

Hawaii State AFL-CIO

Our Revolution Hawaii

Academic Labor United

IBU (InlandBoatmen’s Union of the Pacific)

ADAAmericans for Democratic Action, Hawaii Chapter

Pono Hawaii Initiative

Seafarers International Union of North America

Sailors Union of the Pacific

Blue America

Check out his website to read what other prominent individuals from various sectors of the community are saying about why they support Sergio Alcubilla for CD1.

What you can do to help ensure Sergio’s success in the Primary

As ballots start arriving in mailboxes, a text or email from you to 10 friends to tell them why you are voting for Sergio will help enormously. Have them tell 10 others.

Also, too many have still not yet registered to vote. Point them to and show them how easy and quick it is to vote–or make sure their voter registration details are current.

Remember: It’s now all Vote-By-Mail statewide in Hawaii, though ballots can still be deposited at a few drop-off boxes in strategic locations for those who prefer to do so.

We can do this. We can send a real Democrat to D.C. to represent Hawaii. We don’t have to settle for a Joe Manchin ally who has thwarted Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and his efforts to address the climate crisis. Sergio Alcubilla will be a Representative who fights for everything that helps Hawaii.

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4 comments on “Sergio Alcubilla: A REAL Democrat to represent Hawaii’s CD1–Look at who is endorsing him!
  1. Jean Toyama says:

    Already there, Dawn!!

    • Appreciate your early support for Sergio, Lois. No big ad spend. But people power will take him thru the Primary if voters care about real representation, not Big Money.

  2. Great post, Dawn — kudos! SURGE for SERGIO!

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