Guest Post: ‘Pro-life’ Catholic schools should mandate children wear masks in the classroom

Reblogging this because @HBGDiocese
is once again putting students, staff, & faculty (incl. my daughter’s husband) at risk by going “mask optional” DURING this #omicron surge. How is this “PRO-LIFE” we have to ask?

Dawn Morais

Published: Sep. 05, 2021, on PennLive. Republished here with permission.

Editor’s Note: The Diocese of Harrisburg has updated this information to state it will be following the mask mandate from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and masking will be required in all of its schools as of Sept. 7.

By Sheela Jane Menon

As a Catholic, as an educator, and as the wife of a diocesan faculty member who has dedicated his entire career to teaching in Catholic schools, I am deeply disappointed that the Diocese of Harrisburg has reopened schools without a mask mandate. It is the simplest, most effective, and most immediate route to stemming the new and virulent strain of Covid-19.

Not doing so now, as the Delta variant rages and as COVID cases rise statewide and nationwide, is a clear sign that—contrary to their rhetoricthe Diocese is NOT prioritizing the…

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2 comments on “Guest Post: ‘Pro-life’ Catholic schools should mandate children wear masks in the classroom
  1. Arpine Martirosian says:

    My personal opinion, as a retired educator, is that children have to be on the avantguard position in putting on masks; even though it is hard to study with masks, but it helps “save their lives..

  2. Tom Spring says:

    Hi, Dawn!!

    Hooray for Sheila Jane!! wow!! Right on teh ball.

    Me and my pacemaker are good friends. It is a big help.

    No COVID here; each is as well as ech can be.

    Cold, though!!

    Aloha, pule!!

    Bro. Tom S.

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