Again: violent expulsion of Palestinians from their homes by Israel

Dr. Cindy Franklin of Student and Faculty for Justice in Palestine at the University of Hawai’i, suggests these resources to learn more about what’s happening in Sheikh Jarrah and Jerusalem:

Middle East EyeIsrael-Palestine: A Glossary of Problematic Media Language
Al Jazeera – Ines Abdel Razek on reframing the narrative
MakanWhat’s Happening in Jerusalem?
Middle East EyeSheikh Jarrah: Israeli Eviction Push Explained
IMEUWhat is Happening in Sheikh Jarrah?
Visualizing PalestineJerusalem: A City For All?

To take action in support of Sheikh Jarrah, you can sign this petition from the Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD) to stop the expulsion of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah.

To get direct updates from the Palestinian community in Sheikh Jarrah, follow Mohammed El-Kurd on social media, and listen to him speak on CNN about the forced displacement of  his own family.

And here is Noura Erakat on CNN on the events that are unfolding.

Most media reports lead with news about Hamas rockets, with a passing note at the end about Israel’s aggression. The general media reporting does little to help readers and listeners understand the overwhelming power of Israeli forces, its weapons and tactics on the ground and in the air, and the minimal impact of Hamas rockets on a country that is protected by an Iron Dome–and weak platitudes from the US and other countries calling for all sides to exercise “restraint.”

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One comment on “Again: violent expulsion of Palestinians from their homes by Israel
  1. I wrote these words to a few local friends today/11th. This truth needs to be entered into the discourse: “I watched CNN at noon/11th over lunch, Head anchor Zionist-Jew Wolf Blitzer aired a “Situation Room news” report from a Jewish woman reporter in Jerusalem and interviewed two pundit-Jews: Oren Lieberman (DoD) and Aaron David Miller, whose present affiliation I don’t know. No Palestinians, Christian, Muslim, politician, journalist, whatever. The entire segment centered on “Gaza rockets targeting Israeli civilians.” Not 5 percent was devoted to the foundational/triggering atrocities: “Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinian neighborhoods,” “Zionist invasion and desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque,” “Zionist apartheid and persecution…i.e., crimes against humanity for decades as just days ago reported by HRW”, etc.”

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