BLM: Thousands protested. Now let’s make change happen: VOTE! HI PRIMARY AUG 8. Voting starts July 21.

An estimated 10,000–or more– turned out in Honolulu on Saturday, June 6, 2020 to remember George Floyd and the many victims of police violence. People also protested on the Neighbor Islands. WILL THOSE PROTESTING TRANSLATE THEIR ANGER INTO VOTES THAT WILL AGAIN SAY “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” WHEN VOTE BY MAIL BEGINS LATE JULY FOR THE AUGUST 8 PRIMARY?

Amy Truong (right) sees hope in the teenagers from Radford High and other schools behind Hawaii for Black Lives who orchestrated the protests. Common Cause Hawaii also celebrated the huge turnout.

“Racism has been an integral part of this nation’s past and present. It is also tragically part of Hawaii’s past and present. As a nonpartisan organization that works to sustain our democracy and ensure a representative government that is responsive and responsible to ALL the people, we acknowledge this. We will fight systemic racism wherever we find it. Our best weapon is our vote. Hawaii will vote by mail in 2020.  Register to vote, confirm your address at, and return your postage prepaid ballot. Help a friend or family member do the same. Our democracy cannot afford to sit this election out.” Sandy Ma, Executive Director, Common Cause Hawaii.

Under the gaze of St. Damien, thousands knelt this weekend on the grounds of the Hawaii State Capitol in mourning for those killed by the police and called for change now. Kumu hula led the crowd in uniquely Hawaiian signs of solidarity. As one poster said, “If you are not livid, you’re not listening.” VOTE!

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4 comments on “BLM: Thousands protested. Now let’s make change happen: VOTE! HI PRIMARY AUG 8. Voting starts July 21.
  1. hi2mom1948 says:

    Another great article, Susie

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  2. wally inglis says:

    Great photos, Dawn …. sorry Kay and I did not run into you and other friends somewhere in the throng.  Good sign, I guess.  Usually, our demonstrations are so small, it’s impossible to miss one another, the “usual suspects!”

  3. Ben Morais says:

    This is a great cause and truly worthy of support in meaningful ways. We need more follow up action now to translate these protests into real change.

  4. Aloha Dawn! So nice to see you at the beginning of the protest. I also agree with you – we can’t just show up but must continue to take further action, including voting and many other things! Our table had voter registration forms yesterday and some organizations that I volunteer at are continually pushing for increasing voter registration. We hope there is a positive change this year!

    Great talk at the Policy & Advocacy training a few months ago. Keep me posted on any other events that you speak/teach at or any other events that you attend.

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