One comment on “Honor MLK by carrying out his vision: It’s past time for a real LIVING WAGE in Hawaii
  1. Linda V Maloney-Tarvers says:

    Agree that $13/hr is not even enough presently, never mind waiting until 2024! It is incredible that such unrealistic changes do not even touch the real needs of those working families in minimum wage jobs. I am a retired senior with limited income and even more limited hope for cost of living increases that address my living needs BUT I feel motivated to stand up for families and say “one job should be enough” and even that job should be more than a tad above poverty level At this rate, the poor will never catch up….but maybe that is really intentional. Keep the masses busy surviving and they will not be able to even challenge the immoral status quo. The goal should be that people must thrive, not just survive. I intend to use my vote for social and economic justice whenever I can.

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