Guest Post from Faithful America: Ask your pastor to preach about the climate crisis this Season of Creation

As Hurricane Dorian threatens the southeastern coast, Faithful America members pray for everyone in its path, and for all first responders.

We also recognize that hurricanes are getting larger and more dangerous because of climate change, which threatens the poor the most.

As Christians who love our neighbors and care for the poor, we are called to take action and care for all God’s creation.

Appropriately, September is the Season of Creation for millions of Christians around the world. This is a time to be thankful for the earth and its beauty, to connect with God through nature, and to organize on behalf of those hit hardest by climate change and environmental injustice.

If you attend church, pledge to ask your pastor to preach about the climate crisis this Season of Creation!

If you are a pastor, pledge to preach about climate action and take other steps to highlight creation in your worship.

And if you don’t attend church, please consider forwarding this email to friends who do.

Once you take the pledge, we’ll send you sermon resources and other links you can share with your pastor to help make it even easier for them to grant your request.

When Jesus wanted to pray, he usually went outside: To the Garden of Gethsemane, the wilderness, or the Sea of Galilee. We too can connect to God outdoors — and work to protect the outdoors from modern threats.

God created everything, and everything is affected by climate change. There isn’t a single issue Christians care about that isn’t affected by a warming earth: Immigration. War and peace. Poverty. Race. Public health. Food.

Sadly, the church has often been complicit in climate change, supporting fossil fuels and looking the other way as God’s biodiversity disappears. That means Christians have even more responsibility to speak out today.

Scientists say humanity has only 12 years left to act to avoid the worst of climate change. This is a message of hope, not despair, because it means we still have 12 years to protect God’s creation. Will you help your congregation speak out now?

Join with thousands of other churches for the Season of Creation, and pledge to ask your pastor to preach about climate action by Sunday, October 8 >>

(If you are a pastor, please use this link instead.)

Climate change connects the whole world, reminding us that we are all neighbors. With that in mind, thank you for everything you do to love your neighbor.

In peace,
– Rev. Nathan and the Faithful America team

P.S. All Season of Creation long, Faithful America will keep taking action to protect our planet and fight climate change. We’ll stand with the youth climate strikers, call out the religious right’s climate denial, and more. If you support our urgent work for God’s creation, please chip in whatever you can today to help fund campaigns like these!

With thanks to Rev. Nathan and Faithful America for their efforts to restore what being Christian means, and for permission to publish this call to address the climate crisis as a Christian duty.


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