Guest Post: Come stand with Fr. Damien at HI State Capitol for peace and justice Aug 1 Siren Vigil 11.30 a.m.

This post comes to you from Wally Inglis, part of the Franciscan Catholic Worker Community at WallyHouse, St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church in Kalihi.

Wally Inglis, left, is joined by Rev. Bob Miyake-Stoner and others at the monthly protests.

Dear Friends …

Angie, from Wallyhouse, also hopes for peace in our troubled world.

It’s the first working day of the month … coming up Thursday August 1. 

Every month we hold a half hour vigil to protest the ever-increasing militarism of the United States, calling on this country and other nuclear powers to join with most of the world’s nations in supporting the UN Nuclear Ban.

Please join us if you can at 11:30 a.m. in front of the State Capitol by the Father Damien statue.  Sirens, as usual, are scheduled to blast at 11:45.

More than likely, some folks will be close by, standing in support of the Maunakea Protectors and against the TMT.
As we bring our message to support nuclear disarmament and oppose militarism, we stand in solidarity with the Kapu Aloha practiced by our brothers and sisters encamped at Maunakea.

Hope to see you on Thursday!  For more information email

We believe that Kapu Aloha is the Way of Love, it is the journey of Jesus, and it is ultimately the only way forward for these Islands.”
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2 comments on “Guest Post: Come stand with Fr. Damien at HI State Capitol for peace and justice Aug 1 Siren Vigil 11.30 a.m.
  1. hi2mom1948 says:

    Thanks but will be off island…

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  2. wally inglis says:

    Thank you, Dawn … for this and for important correction in message … Wally

    Sent from my iPad


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