CRUNCH TIME: Tell Gov. Ige REIT shareholders need to pay taxes. DO NOT VETO SB301

Faith Action for Community Equity has issued an urgent call to action.

Please contact Gov. Ige’s Office

Let’s continue to flood Gov. Ige’s office (today & tomorrow) with calls AND emails asking him to NOT veto SB 301.

Office phone:(808) 586-0034

Click here to send him a direct email message.

Talking points:

  • REITs should be required to contribute to the local community by paying their fair share of income taxes, just like all other local businesses and residents are required to. 
  • 99% of REIT shareholders do not live in Hawai’i and closing this tax loophole would keep these profits in our state for the benefit of all residents.
  • Read what Roger Epstein has to say on the subject of REITS.
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