GUEST POST: The reforms that make all other reform possible – starting with automatic voter registration.

Please testify in support of HB1217
Automatic Voter Registration

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Reforming and improving the way we conduct campaigns and elections, will allow us to reinvigorate our democracy and thus pave the way to changing public policy for the better, at all levels.  These reforms include campaign finance reform, public financing of elections, all mail-in ballots, rank choice voting, automatic voter registration and others.

During the upcoming 2019 legislative session the citizens of Hawaii will have the opportunity to support Automatic Voter Registration (AVR).  I encourage all to put this on your “legislative radar”.  Please share this information with your friends and neighbors and testify in support as hearings are held in the future.

What is Automatic Voter Registration (AVR)?

Eligible citizens are automatically registered to vote, or their voter registration is updated,when they apply or renew their State ID or Driver’s License, unless they decline. Voter information is electronically transferred between licensing and election officials, resulting in a more efficient…

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