First of two updates on key bills making their way through the current session of the Hawaii Legislature from former Hawaii Senate Majority Leader, Gary Hooser, founder and volunteer Board President of the Hawaii Alliance Alliance for Progressive Action (H.A.P.A.) and co-founder/Executive Director of the PONO Hawaii Initiative.

The corporate water theft bill HB1326 introduced by Representative Ryan Yamane has passed the House, and now is in the hands of Senator Kai Kahele.

I want to mahalo plenty the House members who voted No yesterday on the House floor –  Be sure to take a moment today and send them your gratitude for standing up to corporate exploitation and for Hawaiʻi’s water rights! 

Wildberger, Tina, 808-586-8525,

Perruso, Amy, 808-586-6700,

Thielen, Cynthia, 808-586-6480

Eli, Stacelynn, 808-586-8465,

McKelvey, Angus, 808-586-6160,

Kitagawa, Lisa, 808-586-8540,

Gates, Cedric Asuega, 808-586-8460,

DeCoite, Lynn , 808-586-6790,

Kobayashi, Dale, 808-586-8475,

The blog link below will bring you up to speed both on the bill but also on the process of “crossover and conference”.

”HB1326 is the proverbial “sticky wicket” with Hawaii legislators caught between the interests of the corporate elite, and those who put protection of the environment ahead of corporate profits.” Read the entire piece HERE on the Hooser blog 

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