4 comments on “Sr. Donna Markham: We are called to welcome the stranger
  1. Elaine Morais says:

    A very good post, dearest Dawn.Am so grateful for the work done by Catholic Charities to reach out to all sorts of refugees offering hope & sustenance wherever possible.What Sr.Donna Markham has spoken about has relevance for all of us as we too have a large number of refugees in Malaysia including refugees from Gaza & the West Bank.Watched a film on Sunday entitled ” Naila & the Uprising” followed by a stimulating panel discussion where a mature Palestinian Ph.D student spoke about the dire conditions & bleak existence of the people of Gaza.Gave a donation in your name as promised.

  2. Patricia Gozemba says:

    Yes, VOTE. This account is chilling and pushes me to commit to “Get Out The Vote” GOTV work.

  3. Elaine Morais, your comment touches my mind and soul deeply. My scan of this valuable blog entry made me consider introducing the plight of Palestine and specifically its tormented-for-decades refugee population (within and across the wider diaspora). You have filled in for me admirably, and, in truth, I no longer have the time, energy or mentation to do much more than mourn silently for Palestine. Through a satanic combination of warfare, wordfare, lawfare, and arrogant fiat, Palestine and its people are being ground inexorably under the boots of the Adelson-Trump regime in Zionist-Occupied Washington DC and the Zionist-Fascist Netanyahu regime so-called Israel.

  4. hi2mom1948 says:

    Great article

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