Israel’s “restraint” kills 60 in Gaza: Second Honolulu Protest. Wednesday May 16, 4-5.30p.m

“No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has,” said Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations at today’s Security Council meeting to discuss the violence in Gaza.
She took a minute to mark the “remarkable achievement of Israel.” No mention that for Palestinians, Nakba Day is a day of remembrance and mourning: more than 700,000 Palestinians fled or were forcibly removed from their villages and homes to make way for the creation of Israel.No mention that the unarmed protests at the border were a “scream for life,” as the organizer of the March of Return put it.
“Our hardships induced this scream for life. The March of Return is a scream for life so that we may leave the walls of our prison,” Ahmad Abu Artema, the 33-year-old main organizer of the March of Return, told CNN. “Why would we die here in silence? We want our message to reach the world. We want to say to the world, ‘Here there is a people. A people searching for a life of dignity, human rights and freedom.’”
(As reported by Think Progress).
These are the most recent casualties of one day in Israel’s policy of “restraint” as celebrations marked the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. These Palestinians were shot and killed by Israeli forces. The youngest child killed was less than a year old.
We remember:

1. Laila Anwar Al-Ghandoor, 8 months old
2. Ezz el-din Musa Mohamed Alsamaak, 14 years old
3. Wisaal Fadl Ezzat Alsheikh Khalil, 15 years old
4. Ahmed Adel Musa Alshaer, 16 years old
5. Saeed Mohamed Abu Alkheir, 16 years old
6. Ibrahim Ahmed Alzarqa, 18 years old
7. Eman Ali Sadiq Alsheikh, 19 years old
8. Zayid Mohamed Hasan Omar, 19 years old
9. Motassem Fawzy Abu Louley, 20 years old
10. Anas Hamdan Salim Qadeeh, 21 years old
11. Mohamed Abd Alsalam Harz, 21 years old
12. Yehia Ismail Rajab Aldaqoor, 22 years old
13. Mustafa Mohamed Samir Mahmoud Almasry, 22 years old
14. Ezz Eldeen Nahid Aloyutey, 23 years old
15. Mahmoud Mustafa Ahmed Assaf, 23 years old
16. Ahmed Fayez Harb Shahadah, 23 years old
17. Ahmed Awad Allah, 24 years old
18. Khalil Ismail Khalil Mansor, 25 years old
19. Mohamed Ashraf Abu Sitta, 26 years old
20. Bilal Ahmed Abu Diqah, 26 years old
21. Ahmed Majed Qaasim Ata Allah, 27 years old
22. Mahmoud Rabah Abu Maamar, 28 years old
23.Musab Yousef Abu Leilah, 28 years old
24. Ahmed Fawzy Altetr, 28 years old
25. Mohamed Abdelrahman Meqdad, 28 years old
26. Obaidah Salim Farhan, 30 years old
27. Jihad Mufid Al-Farra, 30 years old
28. Fadi Hassan Abu Salah, 30 years old
29. Motaz Bassam Kamil Al-Nunu, 31 years old
30. Mohammed Riyad Abdulrahman Alamudi, 31 years old
31. Jihad Mohammed Othman Mousa, 31 years old
32. Shahir Mahmoud Mohammed Almadhoon, 32 years old
33. Mousa Jabr Abdulsalam Abu Hasnayn, 35 years old
34. Mohammed Mahmoud Abdulmoti Abdal’al, 39 years old
35. Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim Hamdan, 27 years old
36. Ismail Khalil Ramadhan Aldaahuk, 30 years old
37. Ahmed Mahmoud Mohammed Alrantisi, 27 years old
38. Alaa Alnoor Ahmed Alkhatib, 28 years old
39. Mahmoud Yahya Abdawahab Hussain, 24 years old
40. Ahmed Abdullah Aladini, 30 years old
41. Saadi Said Fahmi Abu Salah, 16 years old
42. Ahmed Zahir Hamid Alshawa, 24 years old
43. Mohammed Hani Hosni Alnajjar, 33 years old
44. Fadl Mohamed Ata Habshy, 34 years old
45. Mokhtar Kaamil Salim Abu Khamash, 23 years old
46. Mahmoud Wael Mahmoud Jundeyah, 21 years old
47. Abdulrahman Sami Abu Mattar, 18 years old
48. Ahmed Salim Alyaan Aljarf, 26 years old
49. Mahmoud Sulayman Ibrahim Aql, 32 years old
50. Mohamed Hasan Mustafa Alabadilah, 25 years old
51. Kamil Jihad Kamil Mihna, 19 years old
52. Mahmoud Saber Hamad Abu Taeemah, 23 years old
53. Ali Mohamed Ahmed Khafajah, 21 years old
54. Abdelsalam Yousef Abdelwahab, 39 years old
55. Mohamed Samir Duwedar, 27 years old
56. Talal Adel Ibrahim Mattar, 16 years old
57. Omar Jomaa Abu Ful, 30 years old
58 – 60: Unidentified  
(as provided by Cynthia Franklin)

The United States exercised its veto once again to block a Security Council call for an independent investigation. It has used its veto 43 times against resolutions pertaining to Israel.

“Though Israeli troops left Gaza in 2005, Israel still retains control of Gaza’s airspace and coastline, leading the UN to continue referring to it as an occupying power there. . . .

Gaza’s 1.8 million residents live in the small 225 square-mile enclave, making it one of the most densely-populated territories on earth. Thirty-nine percent of the population lives below the poverty line, more than half lack access to reliable electricity, and unemployment stands at 42 percent, according to the UN.” (as reported on CNBC).

University of Hawai`i Students and Faculty for Justice in Palestine will gather again in Honolulu to protest Israeli violence against the people of Palestine on Wednesday May 16 from 4-5.30p.m. at Ala Moana and Atkinson.


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One comment on “Israel’s “restraint” kills 60 in Gaza: Second Honolulu Protest. Wednesday May 16, 4-5.30p.m
  1. The entirety of the Zionist enterprise to exterminate the indigenous Christians and Muslims of Palestine from their land is criminally psychotic. Ambarrassment N. Haley is a despicable human being, but let us not forget that obeisance to the Zionist entity so-called Israel is overwhelmingly bipartisan in Israel-Occupied America: Samantha Power, Haley’s predecessor and Barack Obama’s appointee, would have used (and surely did, over the course of her UN tenure) very similar language. The Congress continues to be knee-jerk pro-Israel (recall that onetime AIPAC Zionist Steven Rosen said about 10 years ago “Over lunch, I could obtain the signatures of 70 senators in support of any initiative favoring Israel.” The House is even worse, and both houses have become closer to outright unanimity in the post-Rosen interim). The Executive — Trump, Bolton, Kuchner, Pompeo, Mnuchin — has likewise surrendered leadership of the country to the controlling element of the USraeli “entangling alliance.” The visual and print MSM are bought-and-sold, owned-and-managed by Zionist Jews. Zionist think tanks rule supreme in WashDC policy discussion, formulation, and execution, their operatives engaging in revolving-door swings between their think-tank refuges and executive-branch appointments where they wreak havoc as Israel-first zealots.

    Yes, I am despondent, disgusted, desperate (not to mention impotent)…in full grief for the endlessly tormented people of Palestine.

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