GUEST POST: Kauai Residents: Still more help needed TODAY on SB3095 HD1

The enthusiastic turnout of people from the Neighbor islands and Oahu at the “Keiki First” rally at the State Capitol on April 9, 2018 should send a clear message to the Senate that the people who elected them are looking to them with high hopes and the fervent expectation that they will say YES to SB3095hd1 and ensure its enactment into law. SB3095hd1 is a reasonable compromise that balances the desires of all stakeholders, as Rep Dee Morikawa pointed out in casting her affirmative vote. Now all that remains is for the Senate to do the same. Doing so will be an act of leadership that will protect vulnerable communities, not least our children. Can there be anything more important than putting “Keiki First?

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Kauai residents should EMAIL Senate President Ron Kouchi at TODAY (if at all possible prior to April 12) and request politely and professionally that he support SB3095hd1 without making any further changes to it. Please send a thoughtful and meaningful note sharing your concerns about the issue.

While many of us would like to see the buffer zones expanded, any attempts by the Senate to change (either strengthen or weaken) SB3095 HD1 may in essence be a “poison pill” and cause the Bill to die. This measure while weak in this area, remains very strong in other areas, specifically of which is the ban on chlorpyrifos. SB3095 HD1 must be passed “As Is”. Any Senators who desire to make it stronger and/or expand the buffer zones, can do so in 2019 without risking the vital elements that are now contained within the existing Bill SB3095 HD1.

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