Syngenta, Geneva, Kauai and Compunction–Come rally April 9 at noon, HI State Capitol

If you care about ensuring that our keiki can go to school without ingesting highly toxic pesticides, come to the State Capitol Rotunda in Honolulu on Monday April 9th, from noon until 2pm for a rally in support of SB3095hd1. The bill now includes mandatory disclosure of Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) by the very largest users in Hawaii, modest “no RUP spray zones” around all schools and a “first in the nation” ban of the neurotoxin pesticide chlorpyrifos. No pesticide regulation measure put before the state legislature has ever made it this far. Your support is needed on April 9th to help take it all the way to enactment. If you are a parent, a teacher,a student, a resident of these beautiful islands, come help push back the tide of corporate malpractice and indifference to environmental and public health. Come!

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What does the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights held recently in Geneva Switzerland have to do with Kauai?

Earlier this month, I was honored to be invited and to speak at this event following the screening of “Poisoning Paradise” – Executive Produced by Pierce Brosnan and Produced and Directed by Keely Shane Brosnan and Teresa Tico.

The program described the film as follows: “In their meticulously researched documentary Poisoning Paradise, film-makers recount the transformation of Hawaii from agricultural land to testing grounds for the powerful agrochemical industry and the response of many communities who are trying to reclaim their land, their health and their right to live in a safe environment.”

The panel consisted of myself, Laurent Gaberell, an expert in agriculture and biodiversity affiliated with the Swiss organization Public Eye, Baskut Tuncak, the Special Rapporteur on the human rights implications of environmentally sound management and disposal…

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2 comments on “Syngenta, Geneva, Kauai and Compunction–Come rally April 9 at noon, HI State Capitol
  1. Patricia Gozemba says:

    Gary Hooser’s Blogpost is stunning. Hoping the Swiss are stunned into action on Syngenta. I’ll be at the rally on April 9th

  2. Ben Morais says:

    It is a cause worth fighting for. Lives do matter!

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