Guest Post: 2018 Resolutions & detailed 3 part strategy to win

Reblogged with thanks to Gary Hooser, former Majority Leader of the State Senate, founder of the Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action and the Thanks for your leadership and determination to make things better and challenge those with the power and responsibility for doing so.

GaryHooser's Blog

Aloha Friends,

As you are aware, 2018 is a year that we can and must win.

Our winning strategy requires waging the battle on three critical fronts: Electoral, Legislative, and Legal.

A solid win in any one of these areas would have far reaching and positive impacts.  A grand-slam, success in all three, would, without exaggeration, revolutionize the future of policy and politics in Hawaii.

My goal, and I hope yours as well, is to shoot for the revolution.


Across the state, support the election of new progressive, community-based candidates who believe in putting people and the environment ahead of corporate profits. My personal goal is to see at least 5 new members to the Hawaii State House of Representatives and 3 new State Senators elected statewide.  I am also hopeful that new more progressive and environmentally friendly Councilmembers will be elected in every County.



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