The Acid Attack on WomanPriest Alexandra Dyer: The Cancelation of Evil with the Face of God/ess by Cynthia Garrity-Bond

“When you examine the use of acid attacks globally you quickly learn it is predominately women who are victims of acid attacks perpetrated by men who feel they must suffer but also be disfigured. The documentary, Stolen Faces: Acid Attacks chronicles the lives and recovery process of three women who are victims of facial acid attacks from varying geographical locations (Belgium, India, and England).” Those who resist change in faith traditions must ask how institutional religion has helped validate these attacks.

cynthia garrity bondOn August 20, Alexandra Dyer, a Roman Catholic WomanPriest was the victim of a targeted acid attack to her face.  Dyer had just left a meeting at The Healing Arts Initiative in Queens, NY.  As she was walking to her car, a man in his 30’s came up from behind and said, “Can I ask you something?”   As she turned to face her assailant, he threw a full cup of thick acid into her face.  In her pain and hysteria, Dyer somehow managed to get into her car, driving approximately 200 feet before losing complete control.  Her screams from the pain drew the attention of others, who called for help.  Dyer suffered third degree burns to her face and hands.  Here’s the thing about acid—it continues to inflect damage to the skin and bone after the fact.  While Dyer will survive the physical attack, she will never be…

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