From Palestine to Ferguson to Hawaii: Solidarity in Resistance

Hawai`i often does not make it into national media stories. And so there is no dot on the map to indicate that in Hawaii, as in cities around “the nation” people are reacting with anger and disbelief to the Ferguson grand jury’s failure to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the killing of young, Black, unarmed, college-bound teenager, Michael Brown

But dozens did turn out in Waikiki Tuesday night giving tourists a sense not just of Hawaii’s solidarity with Ferguson but of trouble in paradise.

We have our own deeply disturbing record of police killings of unarmed civilians and the memory of FBI agent Christopher Deedy being acquitted of the fatal shooting of Kollin Elderts in a McDonald’s in Waikiki during the APEC meeting. For more  of this post, check out Civil Beat.

MB Waikiki

MB Black Lives Protesting police brutality in Hawai`i, in solidarity with Ferguson. Photos by Carolyn Hadfield.


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