As Firings and Restrictions Continue, So Does the Determination of the Faithful

Perhaps teachers in Hawaii will find the courage to do as these principled educators did. May their families and friends stand with them if they do.

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It seems that almost every day, we receive news concerning employees from Catholic institutions being terminated because of LGBT issues.  Such news can be depressing, when we think about how much our church leaders need to learn about LGBT issues and Catholic principles of human dignity and equality.  On the other hand, sometimes these stories can be inspiring when we learn about the courage of individuals who are standing up to the oppression, and of groups of Catholics who are making known their opposition to using support for LGBT issues as a reason for being fired.

In the latest round of news on these matters, we have witnessed two more teachers who have refused to sign new diocesan contracts which restrict school employees from showing support for LGBT people.  Let’s hope and pray that their courage inspires others to resist.

Kathleen Purcell

In the first case, Kathleen Purcell, a teacher…

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