6 comments on “Hawaii: Time for Same Sex Marriage to Become Law
  1. Anna Texeira says:

    I am a catholic in the state of Hawaii. I belong to two parishes – unique in culture. I was quite amazed yesterday when from the lectern, a parishioner that I have know for years asked that we sign a card, that was to be delivered today to Honolulu.  These cards were stamped with the parish name and came from the Bishop’s office. We were asked to sign opposing that the same sex marriage act become law. I have family members who are gay. A cousins children moved out of state as a result of not being accepted. I, as you, feel very strongly that the Bishop should be concerned about his diocese and not share what is clearly his own opinion. There is no compassion in his tone – whether written or verbalized – and he is clearly saying not to be Christ like.  We should be all embracing and follow the example of Jesus. Anna Texeira Hilo

  2. Thanks for making this public, Anna. I have heard the same from others. Appalling–and doubly so when it is done in the name of Christ’s teaching. So sorry to hear about the feelings of exclusion that drove your relatives away. Again, something I have heard others talk about with pain.

  3. Richard says:

    I just got a wedding invite from a much younger cousin of mine. She is marrying her boyfriend of 10 years. They have 2 children.Her and her 3 brothers took a vow of solidarity that they would not marry until their gay brother was allowed to marry. He and his spouse married in New York 2 years ago after it became legal. They have 2 bi-racial children and now live in Virginia. Katie is in Florida, both states which will not recognize gay marriage.
    Jesus said to love the marginalized. There are far more marginalized people than not, for a variety of reasons.This is our human challenge.Much harder than just trying to make a buck.Keep on posting this issue. Until we are all free, none of us really are.
    I have been married for 30 years. The priest who celebrated said he was not marrying us, we were marrying each other. He was just officiating.that is how it should be.

  4. Thank you for your comment, Richard. I l admire the courage –and principle–behind your cousin’s stand. Also love the comment by the priest who officiated at your wedding. Wise man.

  5. hi2mom1948 says:

    Thanks for your expression of God’s true love

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Kathleen McAlister says:

    Thank you for this article. If we all have “family” that we know who are gay, the more narrowly we are forced to see the church’s stand vs. the one that Jesus takes in his teachings. I will not judge my brothers and sisters. Why do you “they” get to judge?

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