Zen in Hakalau: Akiko’s Prayers

Wondrous Prayer

Akiko Temple altarWe live in modesty and simplicity,

palms together,

head bowed in gratitude,

giving thanks

for each inhale

and each exhale.

We settle deeply,Akiko Breadfruit

surrendering our bones

and our being

to the earth,

grounded deeply in our

precious Hawaii.

May we live fully in peace

and service to others.

Akiko Temple ExteriorZen Guest

As a guest, leave no Trace,

No Face.

In fact leave only a


a feeling that for a moment

Akiko's bellyou loved a place so deeply

that both you and the place

were transformed,

and both became

more beautiful,

more natural, and



Enhanced by ZemantaThe small temple beckons,  wrapped around by flowering shrubs, bamboo, breadfruit, banana  and other fruit trees at Akiko’s Buddhist Bed and Breakfast on Hawaii island. http://www.akikosbnb.com/
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