2 comments on “The Dreams of LGBT Families
  1. hi2mom1948 says:

    thank you for your thoughtful comments and support of the LGBT community and their families

  2. Kathleen McAlister says:

    This is a well written article…for many years, the information about the historical rewrites to the Bible have been published and the Bible is open to so many interpretations as to render it a document that by its very history, is open to change….and that is inconvenient. This is not news to the masses who study the history of the Bible. Therefore, the plain fact is that change, if it doesn’t benefit “us” or “me” is hard to imagine due the inconvenience that it causes in terms of having to change forms, change constitutionality, and change all the laws as each and every loophole gets closed over time. (I am thinking of same sex partners trying to bring their immigrant status partners to America). It is inconvenient.

    Minds change slowest of all. And it is usually by obvious example such as finding out that a beloved family member is “different” or that someone is not the ethnicity they originally claimed to be, etc. It is in the immediate, obvious example of how we have to open our hearts. Laws can change that because once a law is changed, the secrets in families can emerge and face the sun boldly.

    Every time another inequality is exposed such as ethnic work or sex slaves it causes a ripple that has to be addressed or it can be relegated to the back burner. The issues about renegade Mormon enclaves have addressed such issues within families like incest and child brides. We don’t want to deal with it because it is inconvenient to know about this since the Mormon church was founded in America. There are a plethora of other examples of inconvenient truths. As we grow as a nation, we seem to expose more and more of these hidden secrets that need to come to the light of day. Look at what the Catholic church is going through and it stopped being convenient to hide those secrets. New forensic studies into the treatment of children in long term facilities are being exposed daily as people dig up bodies that were “hidden” in the ground.

    So pretending to protect ourselves from evil and calling it the glbtiq community is one of those inconvenient face-offs. And I am sure if one were to dig deep enough, there are some “bad” gay folks out there doing “bad” things. Life is life. But get real for a moment: check motives and check hidden agendas. Under it all is a selfish motive based on the seven deadly sins or the “bedevilments”. We are afraid to find out that love conquers all. The greatest fear of all. Because it does.

    Kaysie McAlister

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