Raising Holy Hell about Mountaintop Removal is “Holy Spirit Work.”

Environmental activists in  Massachusetts plan to publicly express  their solidarity with the people of Appalachia and others who are protesting the destructive coal mining practice of mountain top removal.

Pat Gozemba, a member of Salem Alliance for the Environment invites public participation in a short protest march and rally this Sunday July 27, 2013. Her note follows:

Brayton Point coal and gas plant in Somerset, MA burns Appalachian coal. Want to stand in solidarity with KY, Colombia, and the working class folks of Southeastern MA?

Come to Somerset on Sunday 7.27.13 at 8 am

SAFE and Allies,

Through solidarity and working in coalition we pushed the Salem Harbor coal and oil plant to schedule a complete shutdown in May 2014. Our allies from Somerset and Fall River played an important role in staying united with us to close Salem. Now it’s our turn to stand with those folks. On Sunday, July 27th there will be a march (short, one quarter of a mile) to the plant gates and a rally to call for the end of coal at Brayton Point. Some folks are scheduled to commit civil disobedience but the large majority of us will simply be there as support.

Here’s the plan: drive to Somerset and head towards the:

Quality Inn/Jillian’s Restaurant

Route 103 W

1878 Wilbur Ave.

Somerset, MA, US, 02725

About a quarter of a mile north on Route 103 past the Quality Inn there is a Park & Ride. There you will park and hop on a bus that will take you the short distance to the beginning site of the march. Buses will also bring you back to your car. Originally the last shuttle was to leave the Park&Ride at 8 am but our erstwhile ally Dave Dionne who is marshaling folks from afar—like us—persuaded the organizers 350.org and the Better Future Project to run buses until 9:30. Thanks Dave!

So look for the turquoise SAFE banner at the start of the march and join us!

People of faith who are wondering about whether to join the march might be encouraged by the view that protesting mountaintop removal and being “co-gardeners with God” in the care of creation is “holy spirit work.”

That’s the belief of long time social justice advocate, Fr. John Rausch,”resident rabble-rouser” a.k.a. Director of the Catholic Committee of Appalachia.

Father John Rausch, a Catholic priest in Appalachian Kentucky who directs the Catholic Committee of Appalachia (CCA). – See more at: http://religionandpolitics.org/2013/07/23/kentucky-a-priest-takes-on-the-coal-industry/#sthash.B94uNRJ7.eTtFumXE.dpuf
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4 comments on “Raising Holy Hell about Mountaintop Removal is “Holy Spirit Work.”
  1. Patricia Gozemba says:

    Yes, Dawn I do believe that raising holy hell about MTR is important spiritual work. Similarly protesting the burning of coal that pollutes our environment and has damaging health effects across the planet is the work of all who love creation.

  2. Pat: I was primed for your note by happening onto a 60 Minutes show yesterday about coal mining. Even the supposedly reformist coal energy executives (CEO of Duke Energy) who acknowledge the problem, want 50 years to transition to “clean coal” and they keep opening new mines. NASA’s James Hansen says they need to address the problem a lot sooner—like in 20 years. Don’t think I saw anything in it about MTR. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/04/27/60-minutes-coal-reporting_n_191764.html

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