3 comments on “Divest: A Gospel Lesson?
  1. Newks2 says:

    What a beautiful, clear and dignified commentary on the state of affairs in the institutional Church today. However, you and millions of others are the true “church” (community) that Jesus envisioned. That living church with the small “c” is what we should all focus upon because it is healthy, compassionate and true. It is the church of our hearts that we must nurture. Thanks for your constant inspiration. The teachings of Jesus continue to live through you and the many who are baffled by the machinations of the all to earthly Church.

  2. Love your “church of our hearts”—thank you for that, Ian. And for reading. We need thoughtful people–Catholic and non-Catholic– to be attentive if we are to have any hope of real reform, starting at the top. Without the lawsuits, without the effort of civil authorities, so much would have remained under wraps.

  3. Kathleen "Kaysie" McAlister says:

    Again, your blog note leads me to believe that you are like the Michael Moore of American Politics…you are needed more than the Catholic Church realizes! There is a paradox in churches much like in private practice in mental health: if we “make” the patient well, we lose the patient’s money and it becomes a vicious cycle to rectify ethics vs. economics. What if the church’s mission was more akin to something like AA where the goal is not to make money but to spread the word? So the dollar or two in the basket keeps the playing field level….no one is better or worse, you can still have your dog and pony show folks who represent “best speakers” and the mission goes forward to do the next right thing. While my language is not religious, I do find that Jesus would be first in line tossing money tables in the Catholic Church and others who play with money like they play with people’s lives. It is almost like the folks at the top are saying: let’s take off our Catholic hats and put on the secular world hats and get down and dirty. Then we can put our Catholic hats back on. Is this not true of many leaders in all fields of sport and business? The hat of Jesus gets shuffled way too much. I also do not think that Jesus would have advocated for dire poverty in the coffers, either. It would have been a simple “as needed” basis and too many decisions are based on what do “I” need vs. what would God have us do? The right thing to do is always always always the hardest thing to do because it flies in the face of human kind’s baser instincts…the 7 deadly sins and the 10 commandments. So the question is, are we naïve to believe that the heads of state in churches would be able to rise above those human failings and put in a system to prevent the very thing that is happening now?
    To call out judgment against a system like Obamacare and then to shuffle monies to hide a whopper sin simply smacks of what makes everyone cynical. It is as though we expect to find out news like this daily and it one more mark on our souls. Is nothing sacred? Like Ian’s comments, the church of our hearts rings true. At least we as people can “come clean” with God in our hearts and minds and then we can go forth and do what Jesus asks of each one of us. When I think of what is goodness to me, I think of individuals who just went out and did what God wanted: Father Damien, Mother Teresa, Ghandi……they spent time agonizing and questioning between doing the right things and that made them real to me.

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