2 comments on “Reform Immigration…and Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery
  1. Alfred Bloom says:

    Thank you for your message. You offer another face, more what weexpect of Christianity, of Catholicism. I am not Catholic and did not know the Doctrine of Discovery, though I have some idea. Could you explain a bit what makes it doctrine?
    Al Bloom

  2. Hello Alfred, Thanks for reading. As you probably know, two Popes (Nicholas V and Alexander VI used the authority of Papal Bulls in the late 15th century to essentially make colonization by Portugal and Spain appear divinely ordained and justifiable. The argument was simple: white men were civilized and the natives of the lands they invaded and whose assets they plundered deserved to have their lands taken from them because they were barbaric and pagan. And that reasoning served to justify further waves of colonization and enslavement of native peoples by Europeans and later Americans in the Americas, Africa etc. The links within the post provide more background. Hope this is what you were looking for? aloha, Dawn

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