Prayer for Bishops

May Christ’s deep peace be yours.

May God’s Wisdom Spirit be within you and guide you in all of your ways.

May the light of Christ’s great love be the first thing you meet upon awakening and your last awareness upon falling asleep.

May you awaken ever more fully to the love the People of God want to have for you.

May you know how much we desire to share the heavy burden of leadership with you.

May you know the beautiful diversity of parish communities in our Church, and treasure and protect these powerful witnesses to God’s provident love.

May you have deep friendships that sustain and help you.

May you know that it is ok to be wrong sometimes.

May you know that it is ok to seek advice from unexpected places sometimes.

May you live in the awareness that those who disagree with you are not always your enemies, and those who agree with you are not always your friends.

May the loving tenderness of Mary our mother fill you with strength.

May the company of saints…that cloud of witnesses to a Wisdom beyond human understanding accompany you and comfort you when days are difficult.

May Christ’s deep peace be yours.                                 Amen

(Prayer inspired by Bishop Geoffrey Robinson.  Created by Sr. Christine Schenk csj of FutureChurch.)

Order the Prayer for Bishops as a prayer card

With thanks to FutureChurch for the prayer and to Brian Coyne of Catholica Australia and Enlightened Catholicism for the video of Bishop Robinson.

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