Nuns on the Bus

Sr. Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK, a national Catholic social justice lobby.

The bishops say these feminists

 Are “straying” far from the fold.

“We’re for life. All of life,”

Say the sisters, doing as Jesus told.

Nuns on the Bus steer

To life and love, not power.

They have no fear.

Just faith they will recover

The Christ in Christianity;

Compassion before conformity.

Standing with the many

Held hostage by the wealthy.

Love says: Look for Me

On the highways and the byways.

And in the heart of your city;

In hospitals and schools.

In war-weary, distant towns

And in your neighbor who’s down

And out. Nuns on the bus

Drive for faith, family, fairness.

“Straying” from the fold—

So they can do as Jesus told.

Nuns on the Bus. Driving

For Christ in diversity,

And in our shared humanity.

Love calls us each by name,

And the Sisters say, “Here I am!”

Inviting our heartfelt “Amen!”

Connect with the Nuns on the Bus starting in Iowa June 18 and ending in Virginia on July 2, with stops in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Learn more about the vital work the sisters do and how the Ryan Budget would gravely harm the services they provide to those in need.

And here are other ways to support their bus tour for social justice.


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5 comments on “Nuns on the Bus
  1. Pat Gozemba says:

    I am cheering for my new culture hero Sr. Simone Campbell. The brave work that the nuns continue to do stirs me to greater social justice consciousness and activism.As Sister Simone sits down to confer with the Vatican this week, I am sending out prayers for her and all of her sisters in arms.

  2. Hope all “the fallen away Catholics” see hope for a better church–and society– in Sr. Simone and the Nuns on the Bus! Thanks for the comment, Pat. You are ALWAYS a source of encouragement and inspiration. You have done so much for the communities you are part of wherever you are with your own social justice activism. And I have learned a great deal from you and Karen. Mahalo!

  3. carol lowell says:

    saw you on CNN. You bring me peace inside to know there is someone
    out there speaking, no-nonsense, with a simple truth, to power.

  4. […] their so-called “Fortnight for Freedom” from the grandeur of the cathedral in Baltimore, the Nuns on the Bus led by Sr. Simone Campbell were travelling from state to state. They met face-to-face with legislators, many of them Catholic, […]

  5. […] the bishops remain silent and M.I.A., it is Sr. Simone Campbell who has stepped up once again to  be the Catholic voice of conscience for the nation. She has […]

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