Exotic, Biotic Justice at SEED, Kaimuki

Seed saladIf you haven’t tried SEED in Kaimuki yet, you should. We went there right after an evening at Chaminade University with the Hogan Program which is dedicated to training students to do social things that make business sense, and business things that make social sense. So it was entirely fitting that we found our way to SEED which bills itself as a “justice restaurant.” The pan seared opah served on rich rice and quinoa with locally grown vegetables was as good as we remembered it from our last visit.

The salad bowl, described as a “superfood bonanza” delivered an abundance of mixed and micro greens, spinach, avocado, sprouts, baby kale, beets, grape tomatoes, onions, chia seeds and Aurorawalnuts, flavored with a balsamic vinaigrette.

The portions were so generous we were able to share the entree and the salad and leave satisfied. Even more satisfying was knowing we were supporting an enterprise that was dedicated to  helping people rebuild their lives. People who have survived the trauma of homelessness, human trafficking, domestic violence and other challenges find in SEED opportunities to learn new skills, hold a job and regain a measure of control over their lives.

A small kitchen crisis delayed our meal some, but the restaurant was insistent about making up for the wait by  taking the salad off our bill.  The genuine good nature and cheerfulness of staff like Nicole Warsh and Aurora Buell Becerra who radiate the mission of the restaurant make us certain we will go back. I’ve got my sights set on the portobello mushroom and tofu sandwich the next time.

SEED portobello sandwich

Omelettes, bi bim bap, wraps, granola and blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit/veggie juices make SEED a place worth Nicoletrying for breakfast too.


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2 comments on “Exotic, Biotic Justice at SEED, Kaimuki
  1. hi2mom1948 says:

    Love this place….

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  2. Sorry….just learned that SEED has eliminated breakfast to allow for more time for training. But they are now open all 7 days a week.

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